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Isili's copper history

In Sardinia the coppersmith union comprehended the whole activities that refer to metallurgy. It was divided between the statute of fine art and portly art; we can find inside the different subtypes of coppersmith: ballestrero, magną, peltrero, herrero, campanero, raminaio, tolaio, arguintiere. The statutes of the unions are precise and meticulous in the definition of arts and techniques, but in the minor cities the just absolve the duty of defining the religious practices and the moral and materialistc duties. Every union agree about the opening of new shops, regulating the period of apprenticenship to five years and established very strong rules for the examination which entitles you to open a shop. In the statute of Oristano at the article 30 we can read:

Those who want to take the exam fot the tinkenring craft they have to do, in the form aforesaid, a jug with a handle, a bowl covered with copper with a rattle, a barber's basin, a copper jug and a brazier.

It can be assumed that who was operating outside these circles, he was also not respecting the statute laws. The union in Cagliari was established in 1643 basing it upon the model of Barcelona, the Sant'Eligio Union of Sassari came even before in 1541.

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